Reason #1 you should adopt a black cat

Black Cats are much easier to find in the white snow.  While other feline owners of fluffy white Persians are searching for their cat in the snow,  you  will quickly be able to spot your black cat.

Black cat in the white snow
Two cats - the second reason why you should adopt a black cat

A black cat will match any décor you have.  You won’t have to get your sofa reupholstered when you adopt a black cat because she will match.

Black cats do with all decor. No need to change your furniture
The third reason to adopt a black cat

Black cats look like little panthers.  You can tell your friends you adopted a baby panther and watch their eyes bug out.

a panther - big black kitty cat
Four black cats

Black goes with everything.  No matter what you wear, your black cat will look good in your arms.

Black cat and a lady in pink
Five cats are playing

Black cats are abandoned and found in trash cans and dumpsters more often than any other color of cat.  Black cats are least likely to find their fur-ever home and be adopted into loving homes.

Black cat in trash can

Head Down to Your Nearest Shelter....

You are still sitting there??  Get your butt off that chair and beat feet to your nearest animal shelter and find your new furry black companion.

Welcome to Black Cat Lover!

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Happy Father’s Day to Black Cat Dads

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Friday the 13th and Black Cats

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What to Name Your Black Cat

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