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With the recent launch of my new black cat website, I received several stories from my friends, associates, and complete strangers about their love for cats. They talked about how they came to adopt their cat or how their cat came to adopt them as it goes often times.  They talked about childhood stories of rescuing cats from playground bullies and how their black cat is so sweet and kind.  So, as I was thinking about what my 2nd post would be for this website, it occurred to me why not open this up for all to share their relevant stories about how they love their black cats and how they have taught others to be kind to animals.

This website’s mission is to dispel the myths that are out there about black cats.  I want to show people that black cats are not evil nor do they bring bad luck nor are they witches in disguise or whatever superstitions people have about black cats.  So I think one great way to help start that cause is to open this up to you and let us hear your voice and read your stories and share with the world about how you feel about your cat.

So feel free to send a picture of your cat, his or her name, your name and your story to and I will publish your story and your cat’s picture on this page.

Thank you!  I look forward to your stories and pictures of your cat(s).

Sincerely, Steph

Inky the pharoah

Meet: Inky, the pharoah

My partner’s sister, Chris, and her partner, Rob, had a gorgeous black cat with the topical name of Inky. Inky had glowing green eyes and that was how we could find him at night!

Chris and family moved from Sydney to Brisbane Australia. Along with Inky they had Khumar and my partner’s cat Pixie (neither of them black).

Now when the move happened Inky chased Khuma away. I think he knew Pixie was coming to us and he wanted the new home to himself. So only the two reached Brisbane.

Their brother went to the old house and spent hours chasing Khuma over the roof tops until he caught her. Now one thing you need to know is that Khumar was a long haired very unusually coloured tricoloured puss. A real Halloween cat.

So brother put Khumar on the plane north to Brisbane. Chris went to pick her up. Down came the carrier and looking very bewildered in it was THE NEIGHBOUR’S cat! There was extremely long odds that an almost exact match to Khumar on another cat of nearly the same colour living anywhere near each other.

Back onto the next plane south with a phone call from Chris to the old neighbour re have you seen your cat recently. If not, don’t worry, she is returning from her vacation in Brisbane!

Khumar eventually arrived, Pixie came to us in the bush and Inky was quite perturbed that he, the regal black cat, was no longer the exclusive cat.

Story Submitted By Helen Doyle


Meet: Molly

I had to send my beloved kitty Misty to Heaven the day after Christmas 2014. I missed her terribly and was very depressed. Friends encouraged me to get another kitty and when I was ready, I knew I wanted to adopt another black cat just like Misty. When I was ready, I adopted Molly from the Humane Society in May 2015.

I saw her on the web. They had named her “Maleficent”. They felt she was either feral or very abused. They said she was “mean”. But when I saw her I didn’t see that. I saw a terrified 8-9 month old kitten that needed an abundance of love.

She had her first visit with her vet & they found she had a bad infection in her mouth that needed antibiotics. Sadly, within a short time I noticed her appetite was decreasing and took her back to the vet. She had lost 2 pounds which is a lot for a kitty. They found she had Stomatitis, which is basically a death sentence to kitties. There is no cure. It deteriorates the teeth and causes moderate to severe infection to the gums & mouth and can not be treated except by extracting all her teeth. To me, putting her to sleep was not an option!  $800 was the cost to do this but since I hadn’t had enough to cover the cost the HS helped with the bill.

Molly has very sensitive gums so I always make sure she gets soft food but she eats like a horse! She is still a scaredy-cat around people but she has come so far from the terrified kitten she was. She’s so loving and sweet and definitely not “Maleficent”. She’s Molly.

Story Submitted By Christine Maas

Meet: Ebony

I had a black cat when I was younger, her name was Ebony. She was the sweetest thing in the world. Bad ending though, I have 4 brothers and we lived in Alaska at the time, they used her for target practiced with ice balls and killed her. I was completely devastated, my parents offered to get me any cat I wanted to replace her, even a persian if I wanted. I told them there was no way to replace her and it was about 10 years before I got another kitty.

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