MYTH: Black Cats Are Bad Luck!

MYTH: Black Cats Are Witches in Disguise

MYTH: Black Cats Are Evil

MYTH: Black Cats are Sacrificed on Halloween

Black Cat Myths...Let's Dispel them...

Myth#1 – Black Cats Bring Bad Luck

There are many who believe that black cats bring bad luck, and yes they do — if you are a mouse. Truthfully speaking, this is a complete myth that dates back to the Middle Ages. The sad thing is there are still a good amount of superstitious people out there today who remain convinced of this ancient myth and will stay away from black cats and never for a second consider adopting a black cat. This results in many black cats never being able to experience their fur-ever home.

Myth #2 – Black Cats are Witches in Disguise

Many people believe that black cats are actually witches in disguise. This comes from people watching too much television and believing everything they see on the big screen must be true. I saw it in the movies, therefore, it is true. This myth stems from the infamous witch hunts of such cities as Salem, Massachusetts. Salem, Massachusetts is associated with witchcraft just like Roswell, New Mexico is associated with little green men.

Myth #3 Black Cats are Evil

Another myth is that black cats are evil. This myth also stems from witchcraft and the belief that Satan exists within the body of black cats.  Again, I blame the media and film industry for this.  The list of dogs in film and television is long — Benji, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, The Dog Who Saved Planet Earth (okay, maybe not that, but you get the idea, right?) In all of these cases, the dog is the hero, the saver of the damsel in distress, rescuing children, etc.  However, cats on the other hand, are typically the accessory of choice of evil masterminds.  Why the split?  How come cats will get a bad wrap, especially black cats? Whatever the reason, I think it comes down to people watching too much TV as I said and allowing themselves to be influenced by pop culture.

Myth #4 Black Cats Are Sacrificed on Halloween

Black cats are said to be sacrificed on Halloween.  This too is a myth.  However, that being said, there are always a higher existence of pranksters and evil-doers on Halloween then any other holiday, so if you do have a black cat, please keep her inside for her safety. This goes for any pet you may have. Keep them indoors during Halloween.  October 27th is National Black Cat Day and many shelters will promote free black cat adoptions. If you adopt a black cat, it is free.