I wish to say Happy Father’s Day to all of the Black Cat Dads out there.  In the past, men who owned cats, black or otherwise, were stereotyped as being geeky or weird.  However, society is changing that and we are seeing more and more cat dads out there.  So, this article is dedicated to all of you cat dads out there, because owning a cat, as many people know, has its ups and downs.

There is a new trend out there that encourages and celebrates men who cherish their feline friends.  Men who own cats are considered to be more mature, because they respect mood changes.  As cat owners, we are all familiar with how a mood can change rapidly during a belly rub session.  One second, your feline companion is loving the belly rub and purring and then WHAM! You get swatted at and possibly a small scratch.  But mature men know when to lay off, don’t get mad and just let it go.  Before too long, your kitty will be coming back for some snuggle time with her daddy and mature men always welcome that without holding any grudges.

So, yes, I know it is not always east owning a cat, but thank you to all of the wonderful black cat dads out there to include John Travolta, Robert Redford, and one of all time favorite actors, Morgan Freeman.

Cat dads are also known to have a great sense of humor.  They appreciate the multi-dimensional personality that exist in black cats as well as all kitties.  They get a kick out off their furry feline jumping on the computer keyboard, newspaper, or whatever is taking dad’s attention away from her.  Men will laugh at the 4 a.m. wake up call.  These wonderful cat dads have a great sense of humor that will do doubt roll over into their human relationships with their wives, girlfriends, significant others, etc.

Black cat dads also do not believe any of the myths or superstitions that exist surrounding black cats.  They are mature and open enough to see that black cats are just as special and wonderful as any other cat and that is a fact and cat dads are able to man up and love something else besides beer, football and motorcycles.  Cat dads under the complexities involved with owning a cat and know that all cats should be created equal and black cats are just as special and loving as any other colored cat.

So, Happy Father’s Day to all Black Cat Dads!  Being a black cat dad makes you an extra special dad!