Black cats have been heavily victimized for years as being labeled “bad luck” or “creatures of black magic”. During the Halloween season, black cats and witches go hand-in-paw. Now, that we are only two days away from Halloween, the holiday with its roots stemming from pranks and hijacks, the concern for the safety of our black furry companions loom large as soon as jack-o-lanterns begin lighting the streets, our neighbors are seen digging out skeletons and fake tombstones from their attics, storage sheds and garages and children excitedly get ready for a night of sugary treats.

We are all happy to see everyone so excited around this particular holiday. No one wishes to take the fun out of Halloween. However, we have all seen and heard of the consequences brought on sometimes when people become caught up in the moment and are overly inspired by the horror flicks such as “The Legend of Hell House” [1973] where a black cat prowls outside the haunted Belasco House and when a paranormal investigator kills the seemingly devil-possessed black cat, or so she thought, the black feline reappears to seek revenge.

Perhaps one is not swayed by the ample horror films portraying black cats as evil, but just need a black cat to complete the final touches to their Halloween costume masterpiece. That is all well and good, but unlike dogs who are easily trainable and will gleefully go along with whatever their owners want, cats have a far different view on things. As anyone who has ever been owned by a cat will tell you, a black cat, just like any other cat, will do what it darn well feels like doing and if she does not wish to participate in your Halloween festivities by being a sidekick to your costume masterpiece, then so be it. And what should happen if the black kitty’s wishes are not well-received? Someone who is hell-bent on winning first place in that Halloween costume contest and impressing his date whom he spent weeks working on the nerve to ask out, may not take too kindly to that black kitty’s refusal to play along with his plan.

There are any number of reasons why we should be extra cautious with our black furry companions around this time of year. So, please take care to protect your beloved black beauties and keep them inside during the Halloween season and keep a look out in your neighborhood for any suspicious or unsafe activity or Halloween-related animal abuse. Let’s all do our part to keep our four-legged friends safe, happy and healthy during the holiday season.