Black Cats Need YOU to Dispel the Myth......

Black Cats are Bad Luck.......if you are a mouse!!

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.

"Whenever the cat of the house is black, the lasses of lovers will have no lack" - Folk Saying

Save a Life.....Adopt a Black Cat

Black Cats Steal Hearts......Not Souls!!

Black Cats Don't Care What Color YOUR Hair is

I am a Black Cat....This Much is True. What Kind of Life I Live Depends Solely on You......

Website Mission

Black cats are PAWesome!  They are black, sleek, elegant, mystical, and beautiful. They see in the dark and fit so well into the gloom of night and become completely invisible. These characteristics of black cats have fascinated people. As with many things, whatever fascinates people quickly raises rumors and myths.

In many cultures, people believe that black cats have supernatural powers.  Some people are fearful of black cats and consider them to be devil’s pets. However, these beliefs are becoming a little less common today and it is my hope that this website accelerates that process.

There are some popular myths about black cats. Black cats have been persecuted for many years and thought to bring bad luck and been associated with witchcraft. You see this throughout the film industry and popular literature. Black cats are more likely to be euthanized more than any other type of cat due to its color. And frankly, I find that to be so wrong. It is yet another form of discrimination we have in our society, only this type of discrimination involves four legs. A black cat can bring just as much love and affection than any other cat. So this website’s mission is to correct the long-standing myth surrounding the black cat and encourage you to go to your local animal shelter and adopt a black cat, because they will bring you so much joy and happiness, you will never regret it.



Stephanie Hill

Stephanie Hill

Website Owner / Blogger

I am Stephanie Hill.  I am the owner and designer of Black Cat Lover dot com.  I have owned cats my entire life and come from a long line of animal lovers.  Everyone in my family loves animals. I am certified in website design, hold a bachelor’s degree in technical communication, a master’s degree in library science and taken coursework towards a doctorate degree.  However, my passion has always been with our feline friends.

Meet Midnight

Meet Midnight

I presently own a black cat named Midnight.  We call her Middie for short sometimes. She is so beautiful and sweet and was, of course, my inspiration behind designing this website. You will see I often refer to Midnight in my posts on my blog.